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Classes & Programs

Villari's Mansfield Partnering with Questers' Way in the Eastbrook Mall

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Young Children's Classes

Ages 3-6

Young students will learn basic martial arts skills designed after six animal styles, as well as developing perseverance, patience, coordination, focus, awareness, and confidence. Class is hands on, utilizing a variety of fun martial arts equipment.

Youth Martial Arts

Ages 7-11

This class is fast-paced, with an emphasis on learning about the martial arts and strengthening the connection between the body and the mind. Students will develop fitness, character, and discipline while learning the depth the art has to offer.

Fun for the Whole Family

Questers' Way

Questers’ Way allows families to package multiple activities together under one roof, and change their focus every ten weeks. Families can explore movement-based, project-based, and game-based programs in a way that fits their interests. Let the kids burn off energy in our indoor playground, share a family meal in our healthy foods cafe, celebrate with a no-mess no stress birthday party, or try something new in a Love to Learn class or day of Quest Camp!

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Teen Martial Arts

Teens have their own special challenges, and this class will focus on building confidence, physical conditioning, and developing social skills. Students will on developing self control and respect for those around them.

Adult Martial Arts

Adult classes are designed to provide a safe, fun environment geared specifically for today's busy adult. Just one to one and a half hours, twice per week, will give you the strength of body and peace of mind you deserve. Classes range in age from the mid twenties up into the sixties. Many of our adults also have children training, and utilize the martial arts as an opportunity to share a common interest with their kids.

Fitness & Wellness

 QWay Fit is a safe, clean, friendly place for you to achieve your unique fitness goals. Not only doyou have access to a variety of brand new cardio and resistance equipment, you can also hit the turf for a full body functional strength training workout. Our fitness professionals are right there, ready to offer advice on everything from how to use the equipment, to how to build effective training circuits to maximize your results.

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