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The Year of The Rabbit


Happy New Year!

This year, the Chinese New Year celebrations begins Sunday, January 22nd, welcoming in the Year of the Rabbit. In China, celebrations of the New Year last for fifteen days and it is one of the biggest holidays of the year.

2023: The Year of the Rabbit

Each animal of the Chinese New Year has certain characteristics. The Rabbit is kind, positive, and often a great scholar. Their kindness can sometimes be mistaken as weakness, but the Rabbit’s quiet personality hides great confidence and strength. While careful in their actions and choices, the Rabbit loves spontaneity and surprises. Last year, the Year of the Tiger, was a time of adventure and new challenges. The Year of the Rabbit is said to continue that energy and be full of excitement, prosperity, and surprises.


During the two weeks of celebration during Chinese New Year, families often gift children red envelops with money or chocolate treats. We invite you to reverse that tradition by giving a family member a gift of your character and kindness.

Choose the animal that best fits the gift you'd like to give to someone special!



Intelligent and quick thinking. Uses these talents to help others. Hard workers.

Gift: “I will help out with a household project or find another way to be a helpful family member.”


Dependable and trustworthy. Make good leaders. Loyal to friends and good listeners.

Gift: “I will demonstrate how dependable I am by following through on whatever you ask of me.”



Courageous and strong. Stand up for their friends. Warm and honest.

Gift: “When I have to do something that makes me nervous or uncomfortable, I will do my best to be brave and do what needs to be done.”



Gentle and compassionate. Creative and make good decisions. Strong socially.

Gift: “I will be sensitive to how you feel and try to behave in a way that makes you feel good.”



Confident and passionate. Strive for excellence. Generous towards others.

Gift: “I will be sensitive to how you feel and try to behave in a way that makes you feel good.”



Good communicator and courteous. Make good decisions. Like to help others.

Gift: “I will try to make good decisions and do what you would expect me to do.”


Resourceful, enthusiastic, and energetic. Work at self-improvement. Lead groups well.

Gift: “I will take care of my responsibilities with enthusiasm and a smile on my face.”



Artistic and good natured. Good team players. Offer support to help group success.

Gift: “I will offer to help a sibling or friend with something that they are struggling with like a school project or practicing for an activity.”


Good problem solvers with many talents. Adaptable and humorous. Gets along well with others.

Gift: “I will find the humor in a stressful situation and find a way to solve things without getting upset.”


Observant and resourceful. Good at keeping others organized. Persistent personal achievers.

Gift: “I will take responsibility by getting organized and keeping track of my possessions and tasks.”



Friendly and faithful. Strong empathy towards others. Finish things they start.

Gift: “I will follow through and finish a task once I begin it.”



Generous and supportive. Gives to others first. Practical and thinks things through.

Gift: “I will choose to share with others and let them go first when playing a game or activity.”

Thank You!

To our local Teachers and Homeschooling Parents:

Thank you for choosing to play such an important role in the personal growth and development of our community’s youth.  Like you, we at Villari's of Mansfield are committed to doing everything we can to help children make the challenging transition from student to responsible adult.  As both community members and professional martial artists, we believe it is imperative that we do our part to positively impact as many lives as possible.

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