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The Benefits

"Stand out, stay focused,

and take time to have some fun!"

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The Blue Uniform

You're part of the club. Stand out in the crowd.

Only Black Belt Club members have earned the right to wear the special blue uniform. Stand up and stand out as a leader and role model every time you go to class or support an event. Your Blue Uniform is included as part of your All-Inclusive membership.

Replacement Cost: $75 (comes with all patches sewn on)

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Black Belt Club Showcase

Kick off the new year with a SHOWCASE!!!

At the beginning of each new year, all Black Belt Club members demonstrate their commitment to the Black Belt journey with our annual Black Belt Club Showcase, which includes rank material demonstrations, weapons, and a performance by our Demo Team. 

This is the one BBC event that is mandatory for all members to attend.


BBC Just for Fun!

Fun, social activities hosted by your instructors.

Black Belt Club Just for Fun is about relaxing with your instructors and fellow Black Belt Club members. We play games, design thank you cards, and go cosmic bowling. Spend time with positive role models and like-minded, success-oriented peers just for fun!

Schedule: These events are scheduled based on availability. Check the website calendar, monthly and weekly emails, or the lobby bulletin board for details.


Turbo Training

Every month, get an extra boost in your rank material.

Once a month, accelerate your progress with a bonus thirty-minute training session. Learn new rank material, Five Animal Kung Fu techniques, and Escrima (Filipino fighting stick) drills.

Schedule:  Each rank meets once per month at 12:45pm. Check the calendar for your Turbo times.


Weapons Training

Explore the fascinating world of traditional martial arts weapons

Training in weapons increases coordination as well as strengthening your body and spatial awareness. Students can train for competition in tournaments or simply to experience the traditional forms. All students must first learn the beginner Bo Staff form Swi Lum Kwon before advancing to other weapons.

Rank Requirements:

Bo Staff: Blue Belt or higher

Nunchuku: Green Belt or higher

Kama: Green Belt or higher

Fan: Brown Belt or higher

Sai: 1st Degree Black Belt or higher



Beginner Bo Staff is the 2nd Friday of each month at 5:45pm.


Leadership Programs

This is how all your amazing instructors became so amazing.

Our Leadership program focuses on personal growth and development lessons, using the martial arts as a model. Students meet once a month and learn  communication skills, motivation techniques, character development, and more. All of our paid staff members began their journey to become professional martial arts instructors by participating in this program.


Schedule: Meets the 4th Saturday of each month, 12:45-1:30pm;

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Demonstration Teams

Refine your art and represent the Dojo out in the community

Refine your martial arts skills while learning to work as a team. 

Our Demo Teams are invited to perform at local events in our community. Because of the performative nature of demonstrating, Demo Team practices include extra conditioning and fitness, as well as serious attention to detail.

We select members of each demo event-by-event.

Schedule: 1st and 3rd Friday of each month, 5:45-6:30pm

"How do I earn these privileges?"

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