Your Commitments

Do you know the one quality you must possess  to achieve your black belt? 

Persistence. That's the secret ingredient.

We take the Black Belt Club very seriously. We expect you to do the same.


Please take your time and read the next several pages very carefully.

What happens if you break your commitment?

This is an agreement, not a contract. You have the right to break your commitment at any time, for any reason. If you choose to stop training without making arrangements to make up the missed classes or if you stop making your monthly tuition payment, your special programs fee waiver will no longer be valid. This means participating in turbo training, weapons classes, and other special programs will cost class credits. To become reinstated, you will need to resume training and tuition payments for 12 consecutive months before regaining your fee waiver. 

Our Goal as Your Instructors:
  • Reward your commitment with fun and exciting activities and training opportunities

  • Help you develop a strong work ethic through your ability to follow through on a multi-year commitment

  • Provide positive role models through your instructors

  • Introduce you to a group a peers who will share the journey with you for years to come

  • ​Watch with pride as all of your efforts are rewarded when you kneel down and place your black belt around your waist for the first time

  • ​Welcome you to the tradition of black belt and guide you to begin the process of becoming an excellent martial artist and an excellent person.

"I understand the commitment I am making to myself and to my instructors."

Located in the East Brook Mall

95 Storrs Road (Rt 195), Mansfield


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