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Everything you should know as a...

Blue Belt

Welcome to the art of Kempo! You have learned a little about Karate, now explore the second art in our system. Don’t forget, you are now eligible for the Black Belt Club!

Lessons at Blue Belt


Blue Belt Tools

★ Blue Belt Rank Checklist: all the new martial arts material you will learn at this belt.

★ Blue Bar Colors of Character Sheet: Colors of Character connects the Three Rules we teach in the dojo to home and school.

★ Green Bar COC Sheet: It’s good to stay current and earn the bar that matches your belt color. If you’d like to get ahead, you can go up to one color above your current belt.

★ Leopard PowerCard Checklist: PowerCards are a fun way to start creating the habits of an excellent Black Belt. Martial Artists show the three rules in all areas of their life: home, school, out in the community, as well as in the dojo. PowerCards remind you to show the three rules everywhere.


Join the Club!

As a blue belt, you have shown that you are committed to the martial arts, and we want to reward that commitment. Joining the Black Belt Club opens you up to more training opportunities to help you become the martial artist you want to be. As a blue belt, we recommend trying each of the programs out.

  • Just for Fun: Join your instructors and fellow students for a monthly get-together. The monthly themes are just for fun, such as Gaga tournaments, show and tell, or craft days!

  • Turbo Training: These are monthly, rank-specific personal trainings to help turbo-boost your training. We may work on your rank material, supplemental skills, or a sneak peek at advanced material!

  • Demo Teams: Demo is our go-to team if we have demonstration opportunities throughout the community. During practices, we will work on mechanics so your material is clean and details are impeccable. You will also practice teamwork and staying with other people.

  • Leadership: Leadership is the pathway to becoming a leader in the dojo, in school, and other areas of your life. This is also the pathway if you’d like to become an instructor one day!

  • Weapons Training: Expand your martial arts skills by utilizing a weapon! At blue belt, you can try Bo Staff and learn a new way to approach your martial arts!


Upgrade Your Experience

Do you want to kick up your training intensity? To be a member of the Black Belt Club, you need to be a Member 8 and commit to attending 8 classes per month.

As a blue belt, you have a lot more material to remember and to make stronger. The intermediate ranks are all about refinement. While you can practice at home, your instructors can help you make little improvements that can make a big difference.

If you’re interested in upgrading your training, see an instructor to discuss all the amazing benefits!

Know Your Art!

Kara-te, which translates to “empty hand,” was developed on the island of Okinawa off the coast of Japan. It was eventually brought to Japan where even more styles developed. Karate is simple and quick to both learn and execute. It’s known for its linear and angular movements with its quick shuffles and in line fighting movements. Karate type blows are more mechanical in execution than Shaolin. They are also more explosive. Karate concentrates more on the external.

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