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Everything you should know as a...

Orange Belt

Welcome to the highest beginner rank. The white and yellow belts are now looking to you for how to behave in class. Now is your chance to be a leader!

Lessons at Orange Belt


Orange Belt Tools

★ Orange Belt Rank Checklist: all the new martial arts material you will learn at this belt.

★ Orange Bar Colors of Character Sheet: Colors of Character connects the Three Rules we teach in the dojo to home and school.

★ Purple Bar COC Sheet: It’s good to stay current and earn the bar that matches your belt color. If you’d like to get ahead, you can go up to one color above your current belt.

★ Crane PowerCard Checklist: PowerCards are a fun way to start creating the habits of an excellent Black Belt. Martial Artists show the three rules in all areas of their life: home, school, out in the community, as well as in the dojo. PowerCards remind you to show the three rules everywhere.


School Success Program

Go Beyond the Grades is a program that we created to help students succeed in school. From grade improvement to social interactions, Go Beyond the Grades helps school aged children (as well as adults) navigate day to day interactions and how to be respectful, controlled, and disciplined in a professional setting. Students learn personal space boundaries, social emotional skills, and tools to connect with your teacher.
Go Beyond the Grades is implemented in four modules throughout the year in August, October, January, and March.


Get Involved!

Learn. Play. Interact. Give Back.

Community Connection events help bring our students’ awareness to the importance of being involved in the community that supports us. Events are either social, charitable, educational, or demonstrations. Examples include:

•     Book Buy at the local bookstore to promote reading and continuing education.

•     Relay for Life fundraiser for cancer research and demontration

•     Fourth of July Willimantic BoomBox Parade

•     Day in the Park at Mansfield Hollow State Park

•     Non-Perishable Food Drive to benefit the Covenant Soup Kitchen


Know Your Art!

Shaolin Kung Fu pulls lessons from five core animals: Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Snake, and Dragon. Each of these animals teaches unique lessons in fighting and in leadership. The tiger tends to be a more assertive and direct animal. The crane tends to be patient and structured. The leopard is creative, rhythmic, and strategic. The snake is focused and precise. The dragon is wise, and understands the best solution based on experience and a broad perspective.

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