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Welcome Back!


Procedure Overview

We have carefully studied and continue to monitor the CDC and state guidelines for reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic and have implemented the following protocols to ensure everyone's safety.

Please note: We will be asking you to sign a waiver to participate in in-person training. SKK Village, Inc cannot guarantee you or your child's safety or immunity from infection. We ask that everyone coming to the dojo acknowledge and appreciate these facts and the uncertainty of the virus and how it may impact their health. You must assume all risks associated directly or indirectly with participating in any activity at the dojo, including classes, traveling to and from the dojo, entering and exiting the dojo premises, using equipment at the dojo, interacting with other persons at or around the dojo, and/or using facilities within the dojo premises, including restrooms.

Overview of Our Safety Plan

  • Students will be sent COVID-19 Release of Liability Waiver and instructions detailing all safety procedures.

  • Students are not allowed to enter the facility until the previous class has exited.

  • Non-invasive temperature checks will be administered to all individuals entering the facility.

  • In the lobby space, each student will take off their shoes and place them on the shelf on the inside of the dojo or leave them with a parent. Although students will train barefoot, it’s still expected that the shoes they wear are relatively clean.

  • The training area is marked by socially distance dots to ensure safe spacing. 

  • Once class has finished, students and family members will exit through the doorway in the Dojo training area to avoid contact with the next class.

  • Up to one parent or guardian is allowed in the lobby area at a time, also practicing the social distancing guidelines of sitting at least six feet apart

  • MASKS MUST BE WORN IN THE LOBBY AND IN GROUP CLASSES. Your instructors will be wearing masks at all times. Parents in the lobby should wear masks at all times. In group class settings, masks will be required and we will be avoiding heavy fitness for safety and health reasons.

  • Students and their families are responsible for disinfecting the restroom after each use. It is important that all surfaces touched are wiped down with the provided cleaning materials. If the restroom is in use, please wait in your training area until the restroom is available. Wash your hands for 20 seconds.

  • The training space will be using a Medify Air MA-112 V2.0 Super CADR 950 H13 True HEPA Air Purifier, which will fully purify the training area’s air every twenty minutes.

  • The water fountains are used to REFILL WATER BOTTLES ONLY

If you have any concerns, please contact us so we can create an optimal training plan for you and your family.

And of course....

If you are sick, STAY HOME and train virtually.

If someone in your household is sick, STAY HOME and train virtually.

If you or someone in your household is in a risk group, STAY HOME and train virtually.

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