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Yellow Belt

Earning your white belt was the beginning. Your yellow belt represents the first significant step in the journey towards Black Belt. Congratulations on your willingness to put your training to the test!

Lessons at Yellow Belt


Yellow Belt Tools

★ Yellow Belt Rank Checklist: all the new martial arts material you will learn at this belt.

★ Yellow Bar Colors of Character Sheet: Colors of Character connects the Three Rules we teach in the dojo to home and school.

★ Orange Bar COC Sheet: It’s good to stay current and earn the bar that matches your belt color. If you’d like to get ahead, you can go up to one color above your current belt.

★ Tiger PowerCard Checklist: PowerCards are a fun way to start creating the habits of an excellent Black Belt. Martial Artists show the three rules in all areas of their life: home, school, out in the community, as well as in the dojo. PowerCards remind you to show the three rules everywhere.


A Class for the Whole Family

Off the Mat is a free interactive class that combines coaching, personal safety skills, and life skills. It is open to family and friends and it is strongly encouraged that students attend with a trusted adult or training partner to gain the most benefit.

•     Let your family join the fun!

•     Learn fun, interactive drills for practicing at home.

•     Develop your personal safety skills with your trusted adult.

•     Explore with your family how the martial arts can benefit you in every area of your life.


Know Your Art!

The style of martial arts we train is called “Shaolin Kempo Karate”. It is a compilation of multiple styles, mainly Shaolin Temple Boxing, Kempo, and several different styles of Karate. However, it also includes knowledge and skills from Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu, Western Boxing, and the secret art of White Tiger Chi’na. Master Fred Villari pulled them all together into the comprehensive system we train today, utilizing the four main fighting styles: striking, kicking, grappling, and felling.

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