What is the Black Belt Club?

"For many, the martial arts is an activity.

For some, it becomes a lifestyle."

If you are serious about getting the most out of your martial arts experience, join the club!

Black Belt Club is a commitment based program.

Your Commitment:

  • ​You are committing to achieving your black belt

  • ​Your family is committing to helping you reach your goal of black belt.

  • ​You and your family are committing to maintaining your Member 6 or Member 8 status

Our Commitment:

  • ​Your instructors are committed to providing you with every opportunity to succeed.

  • ​We provide you with additional programs you may choose to take advantage of to make the most of your martial arts experience.

  • ​The entire school is committed to helping you progress on the road to black belt.

"I understand the commitment I am making."

Located in the East Brook Mall

95 Storrs Road (Rt 195), Mansfield


(860) 456-8020

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