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The Perfect Outlet for all that Pent-Up Kid Energy

Stay Safe, Stay Home, and join us for a virtual Martial Arts Adventure!

This 5-week at-home martial arts program will help you and your kids be healthier and happier as you burn off energy and learn new skills. You'll challenge themselves physically and mentally while developing their character and, most importantly, having FUN!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon

Looking for in-person martial arts lessons? Click here.


Focus Skills

From chores to at home schooling, make it fun and get it done.

Grow as a family

Healthy bodies + active minds = less stress for everyone

burn excess energy

Sweaty, smiling, heart pumping activity for the body and the mind.



Every class is packed with powerful tools to help you and your family stay physically strong, mentally sharp, and emotionally balanced.

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Healthy Bodies

A healthy, active body means a stronger immune system, less stress, and better sleep.


The martial arts is a total body workout that will build strength, improve balance, develop coordination, and increase flexibility. Every class, you’ll face new challenges that will unlock and unleash your full physical potential.

Active Minds

Learning is so much easier when you have an active, engaged mind. Become a creative genius, a world class listener, and a master of focus and concentration.


Your pathway to a powerful mind is built right into every class!

Stay Connected

Getting along and respecting each other’s space is more important than it’s ever been.


Build self awareness, learn to recognize how others are feeling, and develop the self control to do the right thing at the right time.


Our partnering activities will make it fun and easy to practice positive communication and mutual respect.



  • No prior experience is needed for this course

  • Five weeks of interactive classes

  • $99 per household

  • Three live Zoom classes per week at scheduled times

  • This course is appropriate for ages 5+ and perfect to experience as a whole family!

  • Registration for each 5-week session is open until the day of the first session.

Coming Soon

Make the most of this time together.

Be your best self • Live your best life • Do your best work

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